Canada Tourist Visa Consultants in Delhi


Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.Pierre Trudeau

Canada is a great country and one of the hopes of the world. Canada is in North America its canton is located from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and northwand covers the Arctic Ocean. Canada is one of the most dynamic and renowned country in the world. It captivates the millions of explorers, jobseekers, holiday makers etc. from all over the world. Have you ever thought, why is Canada making so much noise all over the continents? What makes Canada so special? Let’s find out in today’s blog without wasting much time.

Three famous people who have been dreamboats for many, the one and only Justin bebiber, Ryan Gosling and Michael Buble. Are you looking for an address now, sorry we don’t have that? But Canada is not only famous for the superstars. There are other heartthrobs too, which will surely make you as happy as the idol’s name did.

Niagara Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, but there are other waterfalls which are taller than Nigra. Then why is Niagara extremely popular, and what makes it so spectacular? During peak tourist hours, more than 168,000 cubic meters of water flow over the Crestline of the falls per minute. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls plunge 57 meters (188 feet) into the Lower Niagara River on average.

Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport, and most Canadians regard it in the same manner that the Indians do cricket: it’s nearly a life or death situation. It is the oldest sporting trophy in North America, named after Lord Stanley of Preston, and now serves as the championship trophy for the National Hockey League playoff winner.

Key Requirements for Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa:

Canada Tourist Visa Consultants in Delhi can help you secure a tourist visa to Canada in a hassle-free manner. Before applying for a Canada Tourist Visa, you must meet some basic conditions.

  • A valid passport valid for six months from the date of entry into Canada.
  • You are healthy and have received medical clearance.
  • You have the finances or financial resources to cover your expenses during your visit to Canada.
  • There is no criminal record.
  • Documents or a cover letter that includes the applicant’s information, travel plans, and information about the other passengers traveling with you.
  • Persuade immigration officials that you only intend to stay in Canada for a short time and that you will depart at the end of your visit.


If your application for a Temporary Resident Visa is denied, there is no official appeal process. You are welcome to reapply. Make sure you include any missing information or papers from your previous application. A single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa are the two types of Canada Tourist Visas. Whether a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, Temporary Resident Visas are valid for a set amount of time. A visa cannot be used once it has expired.


Visa for Visit on Business

Any person who wishes to visit Canada temporarily for one or more of the following purposes is considered Business visitor
1. You are looking for investment opportunities or partnerships in Canada to grow your business
2. The purpose of your visit is to build your business relationships with stakeholders in Canada
3. look for ways to grow your business,

Indians who are applying for a visitor visa for the purpose of business are required to submit the following with their application
1. A letter of invitation from your partner in Canada along with details of 24 hour contact information of the person
2. Documents showing sufficient proof that you are employed in your own country and have a valid job
3. Plausible proof that you are intending to stay for six months or less and will not seek to extend your visa at the end of the stay duration
4. Plausible proof that you do not have any intentions to enter the job market in Canada
5. You will need to submit proof that your business headquarters is not based in Canada and that the source of income is outside Canada
6. You will need to have a valid passport which is not due to expire in the next six months.
7. You need to show proof that you have sufficient funds for stay in Canada as well as return airfare
8. You will need to submit medical records as well as police records to prove that you are not a threat to Canada when you arrive

Please note: If you are planning to stay for longer than six months duration or plan to take up a job in Canada, you will be considered as a temporary work.