Tourist Visa Agent in Delhi

Tourist Visa Agent in Delhi

Organizing a trip is a time-consuming and difficult task. In addition to providing advisory services and complete trip packages, travel agents make this procedure easier for their consumers. They may book flights, cruises, rental cars, hotels, resort stays, and events, among other things. Travel brokers serve a diverse clientele, including both individuals and businesses. They may also specialize in a particular area of the industry; for example, some specialize in leisure travel, corporate travels, or specialty tours to Europe, Africa, or Asia.

What does a travel agent do?

Travel agents may provide recommendations based on their own experiences, or they may offer whole vacation packages from a variety of resorts or cruise lines.

They must be able to provide travel arrangements that meet both their clients’ financial constraints and their leisure or business trip demands.

In order to obtain travel arrangements for their customers, travel agents use computers for the majority of their job, but they will also call airlines, cruise lines, resorts, and rental firms personally. They conduct research on the destinations their clients desire to visit and communicate critical information such as weather conditions, travel warnings, and essential paperwork for their destination.

International travel is equally risky, therefore travel agencies stay up to date on the newest news to ensure that each planned visit is safe. World Visa Company is a best Tourist Visa Agent in Delhi and registered agency established in 2016 for Australia’s & Canada’s Permanent Resident Permit and are consulting agents for travel visa countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and many others.

What can you do on a tourist visa?

  • On a tourist visa you can explore the world.
  • As a tourist, you can buy things and negotiate contracts, do fact-finding expeditions, double-check details, or inspect goods
  • will only be trained through observation and classroom instruction.
  • Attend conferences, trade shows, and seminar
  • transport things if you’re an international lorry drive
  • serve as a representative for a foreign machine maker when installing, servicing, or repairing machinery; (As part of a contract of purchase and supply, you may install machinery that is too large to be delivered in one piece)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Are You Married? If Yes, What Does Your Spouse Do? For How Long Have You Been Married?

Ans. Make careful to memorize the precise wedding date and information as soon as possible (in case of being married). Any incorrect or insecure response to years of marriage could be interpreted as an attempt to lie. If you are not married, you can simply state that you are single or divorced.

Q2. Is it possible to reschedule a shorter trip? Why are you requiring a three-month visa?

Ans. Mention your desire to visit various tourist places within the Schengen Area, but that you won’t be able to do so in a short amount of time. However, state that you are completely willing to postpone your plans and cut your trip short if necessary.

Q3. Do you have any scholarship opportunities?

Ans. This is another question to which you should respond simply with a yes or no. If you have a student scholarship, include the name of the institution that awarded it, the amount of financial help it provides, and the duration of the scholarship.



Visa for Visit on Business

Any person who wishes to visit Canada temporarily for one or more of the following purposes is considered Business visitor
1. You are looking for investment opportunities or partnerships in Canada to grow your business
2. The purpose of your visit is to build your business relationships with stakeholders in Canada
3. look for ways to grow your business,

Indians who are applying for a visitor visa for the purpose of business are required to submit the following with their application
1. A letter of invitation from your partner in Canada along with details of 24 hour contact information of the person
2. Documents showing sufficient proof that you are employed in your own country and have a valid job
3. Plausible proof that you are intending to stay for six months or less and will not seek to extend your visa at the end of the stay duration
4. Plausible proof that you do not have any intentions to enter the job market in Canada
5. You will need to submit proof that your business headquarters is not based in Canada and that the source of income is outside Canada
6. You will need to have a valid passport which is not due to expire in the next six months.
7. You need to show proof that you have sufficient funds for stay in Canada as well as return airfare
8. You will need to submit medical records as well as police records to prove that you are not a threat to Canada when you arrive

Please note: If you are planning to stay for longer than six months duration or plan to take up a job in Canada, you will be considered as a temporary work.